Monday, March 23, 2015

Safe Surfing

Online security is on everybody's minds these days, so we want to give you updates about various ways Google keeps you safe online. Today, on the web’s birthday, we’re highlighting recent improvements to Safe Browsing, technology that protects more than 1.1 billion people all over the world. -Ed.

As the web continues to evolve, it’s important that user protections develop in lockstep so that people stay safe online. Our Safe Browsing technology may not be quite as old as the web—which celebrates its 26th birthdaytoday—but ever since Safe Browsing launched nearly eight years ago, it’s continually adapted to protect web users, everywhere.
Safe Browsing gives users—both on Google and across on the web—information they need to steer clear of danger. The dangerous sites detected by Safe Browsing generally fall into two categories: sites that attack usersintentionally with either malwarephishing, or unwanted software that is deceptive or hard to uninstall, or sites that attack users unintentionally because they have been compromised, often without the site’s owner realizing this has happened.

Once we detect these sites, Safe Browsing warns people about them in a variety of ways. You’ve probably come across a warning like this in Chrome, Firefox or Safari; it’s powered by Safe Browsing:

Big Data Platform

16 Top Big Data Analytics Platforms

Data analysis is a do-or-die requirement for today's businesses. We analyze notable vendor choices, from Hadoop upstarts to traditional database players.
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Revolutionary. That pretty much describes the data analysis time in which we live. Businesses grapple with huge quantities and varieties of data on one hand, and ever-faster expectations for analysis on the other. The vendor community is responding by providing highly distributed architectures and new levels of memory and processing power. Upstarts also exploit the open-source licensing model, which is not new, but is increasingly accepted and even sought out by data-management professionals.

Monday, May 05, 2014

10 Things You Should Do In The 15 Minutes Before A Big Presentation | Business Insider

10 Things You Should Do In The 15 Minutes Before A Big Presentation | Business Insider

Teknologi dan Inovasi

Inovasi dan Kreativiti Dalam Pendidikan
Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan inovasi? Kebanyakan kamus memberi makna inovasi sebagai pembaharuan atau perubahan. Pengertian ini di anggap agak longgar dan tidak begitu jelas.
Menurut Ronger E. Miller (1971) inovasi merupakan idea, amalan atau objek yang di anggap baru oleh seseorang. Spencer (1994) menjelaskan inovasi ialah sesuatu yang di anggap baru dan lebih baik daripada yang lama oleh seseorang individu.
Glosari Teknologi Pendidikan (1995) pula merujuk inovasi sebagai idea, konsep atau strategi baru yang boleh mempertingkatkan sesuatu amalan.

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Pembentangan Akademik SSP

Pbs oooo pbs....dasar cantik..tapi kalau belum terhadam...jangan dilaksanakan...

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Aplikasi blog bagi tujuan pengajaran dan pembelajaran

Dalam perkembangan pesat teknologi terkini memungkinksn kita gunakan teknologi blog dalam pnp